Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans includes a variety of indoor, outdoor, energy star ceiling fans, mini/petite fans, and hugger fans. Hugger Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans are made for lower ceilings, mounting closer to the ceiling without downrods being required for installation. The mini/petite fan collection has 28", 24" and even 13" ceiling fans. The 13" Monte Carlo fan is from the Avatar collection, and comes with a remote and light kit included. This is a useful ceiling fan for smaller rooms, or if you are looking to put a fan into a baby room or nursery which you want a smaller fan to place into that room. The reasons for wanting a smaller ceiling fan may be many. You may want to move less air in that room, and just have a small footprint that is really not noticeable or distracting.

The mini fans range from 20-28 inches, small fans are 34 to 44 inches and standard fans are 52 to 56 inches.

In terms of fan finishes, Monte Carlo has an entire finishes category. There are bronze fans, silver, nickel and chrome fans, weathered iron and more.

Monte Carlo Outdoor Ceiling Fans

We have a number of Monte Carlo Outdoor Ceiling Fans being reviewed here, that our site visitors may peruse through. If you would like to leave your own review of a particular Monte Carlo fan model, please feel free to do so by filling out a contact form or a review form.

Monte Carlo Outdoor Ceiling Fans are UL damp rated. This means that the fan will still be able to work in outside conditions, in damp conditions. E.G a porch fan or patio fan. If you want a fan that will work even if it's wet, try a UL wet rated fan as well. Using an indoor fan as an outdoor fan is not a good idea, unless it has a UL rating of some sort. Do some googling on your fan model, and see if other fan owners have tried it before you try it yourself. Why be the guinea pig if you don't need to be, right?

Monte Carlo Empire Fan
An interesting and unique design, is one thing you could say about the Monte Carlo Empire Ceiling Fan.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

Finding replacement parts for your Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan is made easier on this website. The most commonly required Monte Carlo Fan Parts can be found here. This may include replacement parts like remotes, replacement fan blades, pullchains, etc. Do not feel like you are the only one searching for these parts - there are many who often need to find replacement parts for their ceiling fan.

We often list tips for each part as well. For example, when searching for a replacement blade, you will need to find one that matches both the finish, as well as the size. For a replacement remote, you of course will need one that is compatible with your current fan. Generally, buying a replacement universal remote which is produced as the same manufacturer as the fan is a sure bet. E.G purchasing a universal Monte Carlo remote for a Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan. Be sure to read into what fans the remote you are buying is compatible with, prior to purchase.

Light Kits

You have the option when purchasing a new Monte Carlo fan, to purchase one with a light kit. If you have purchased one in the past without a light kit, you may also be able to add one onto an existing ceiling fan. But what is a light kit, you may ask? Well, a light kit comes with sockets where you can plug in light bulbs. This plugs into your ceiling fan, effectively making your Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan now dual purpose: both a fan, and a lamp for you to see.

If you have a dark room where you would like to add extra light, this may be an option. Perhaps the room you are thinking of does not have any windows - a common challenge in home ownership. The additional benefit of using your fan as a source of light, is that because the fan is higher up in the room, it also does a better job of spreading the light about in the room then a table lamp may be able to.

Monte Carlo Tillbury Light Kit