Monte Carlo Fan Downrods

What is a ceiling fan downrod?

What does a downrod do? What is it for? Well, a ceiling fan downrod helps to secure the fan to the ceiling. It ensures that the blades are operating a safe distance from the ceiling. A Monte Carlo ceiling fan cannot be flushmounted to the ceiling, unless it is a flushmount fan. The downrod holds the fan, secured in the air, both a safe distance from the ground and the ceiling.

  • Safe distance to the ceiling from the fan blades: 8-10 inches or more
  • Safe distance from the ground: Requires distance of at least 7 feet
  • Standard ceiling fans: 3-6 inches long
  • Standard room size: Ceiling height will be between 8 to 9 feet

Downrods will increase in length as you add more height to the room. As the room grows taller, you require a fan with a longer downrod. Ceiling height starts around 8 feet and goes up to 15 feet. Downrod lengths start at 6" and work up to 60 inches long!

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