18 inch Monte Carlo Fan Downrod

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A downrod is an important part of the ceiling fan installation. The downrod keeps the fan a safe distance from the ceiling, while also keeping it a safe distance from the floor too. Depending upon the height of the room, you can size out the downrod size that you need. If you don't want to use a downrod, that is also a possibility - however, you'll need a flushmount ceiling fan in order to get around using a downrod.

There's a few things to keep in mind when sourcing a downrod. Assuming one did not come with your Monte Carlo fan, you can purchase one here, different online retailers, local retailers, etc. In terms of sourcing the correct downrod that you require, the things you want to keep track of are the decor of the downrod needed (to match the fan), the height of the room, and the compatibility of the downrod.

The importance of a correctly sized downrod is critical! It is imperative to buy a downrod that allows for max cooling effect. Be sure to browse for the one that suits the needs of your home best. If purchasing a 18 inch downrod, the suggested height for the ceiling you are installing the fan to is 10 feet from the ground. If browsing for a room which is a height of 9 feet, then a 12 inch downrod is what you need.

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