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Changing the direction of your Monte Carlo fan is essential. You'll want to accomplish this at the beginning of the seasons. When winter starts, or when summer starts, you'll want to be able to change the direction of the fan in order to save money on energy bills. A Monte Carlo fan can help to improve circulation of air in the home or business. In the summer months, less air conditioning will be required in order to cool the area. Comparatively, less heat will be needed in the winter to heat that same area.

Older fans may unfortunately not always have a reverse function. Even still, just because you have a newer fan does not mean there is a reverse switch either. You'll want to always check before making a fan purchase, if there is the ability to reverse the fan. While it may sound like a simple thing, it's not always the case that a reverse function or switch is present.

Ceiling Fan Direction
Were you aware that changing the direction of your fan in the winter or summer months will help to conserve energy, and cut down on energy costs?

You'll be able to locate the reverse switch on the fan motor, or on the housing. It may be located inside the switch housing or the switch cup. Flip the switch in order to change the direction. If you don't find a switch on the motor housing and there's no working function for it on the remote, then you may have a fan that does not reverse. Refer to the manual for your Monte Carlo fan in order to confirm.

Here's a step by step on changing the direction of your Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan:

  • Shut off the ceiling fan and wait for the blades to come to a complete stop
  • Using a ladder or step stool to reach the motor housing, locate the direction switch
  • Flip the switch in the opposite direction
  • Step down and turn the ceiling fan back on
  • Verify the ceiling fan blades are moving in the right direction

The least expensive Monte Carlo ceiling fan - are you looking for this? While browsing around on Google or Reddit, you may find that some posts talk about cheap or low cost Monte Carlo fans. While others online may have you believe you can find a fan as cheap as $99, we were not able to find Monte Carlo fans as low cost as $99 when browsing online.

If you do happen to find a cheaper Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan than the one we have posted here, please do feel free to let us know about your find. The cheapest entry level fan from Monte Carlo that we've been able to find available is the Colony II ceiling fan in white. However, more recently we have been able to locate limited quantity of the Homeowner's II ceiling fan. This fan has a 42" blade span, and flush mounts to the ceiling. This means you don't need to use a downrod with this fan.

Please be aware this fan is a flush mount and does not come with a downrod. This means the fan will not suspend from the ceiling like other ceiling fans. The fan also does not come with a light kit.

You should also be aware this fan does not come with a remote control. A remote control is not included; optional remotes are CK250, E88WC-2, E88WC-3-WH, E88WV-3-AL and CKF210 (part numbers).

When paying $60 for a fan, you obviously lose a few things in the process. It makes sense the fan does not come with a downrod, a remote, or a light kit. Some of these items can be purchased additionally, but you should be aware as a consumer when making a purchasing decision, what comes in the package and what does not.