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Reviews of the Monte Carlo ceiling fan lineup, including new and existing Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans.

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Do you have a high ceiling? Searching for a longer downrod that will work with your fan?

A 72" downrod is for a tall ceiling. At just under $100, you're paying a little more than $1/inch - that's certainly one way to look at it. If you do have a very tall ceiling, then you will need a larger downrod / longer. A Monte Carlo fan needs to be supported by something - and that something is a downrod. The only time you don't need a downrod, is if your fan is capable of being flushmounted. Normal fans are not capable of being flushmounted unless you specifically see the fan advertised as being a flushmount fan.

When looking for a downrod, it's important to match up the length, but also the decor. Noting whether the downrod is threaded or not is also a good point to observe. Threaded downrods "screw in," which forms a stronger bond between the fan and the housing connected to the ceiling.

The downrod featured on this page is a rubberized white finish. We also have featured, a titanium finish as well. If you have a white fan and white walls, it's recommended you match up this white finish downrod with your other decor.