Glass Cover or Bulb Removal

Please be aware of the safety precautions below, before working on glass covers or other Monte Carlo ceiling fan parts. Removing a glass cover is pretty straightforward, but if you feel like you need help, ask for help before you start working on removing any parts. To be safe, you should also disconnect any ceiling fans before touching any exposed wiring.
The glass cover should not have any protruding wires - if it does, be very certain that you do stop the power to the device from the circuit breaker in the home.

Always attempt to use safe practices when removing the Monte Carlo glass cover, or bulb cover. Eye protection is a good idea. When removing the cover, if things start falling from the ceiling such as dust or other particles, eye protection is highly recommended. You can purchase the required eye cover here on our website as well, without having to leave the home.

Safety gloves are also a good idea. If your glass cover is chipped or has sharp edges, safety gloves should certainly be worn. Cutting oneself is never an enjoyable experience, to say the least! We don't need to be bleeding all over our repair project now, do we. Safety gloves should not be worn for the purpose of negating an electrical charge. Remember, we said earlier on to disconnect the power to the fan from the circuit breaker before continuing.

When removing the glass cover, look for screws or other fasteners on each side of the cover. Usually there will be 1-2 screws holding the cover in place. With the screws removed or loosened, the glass cover should fall out of place. Be sure to catch it before it shatters on the ground. This is where it may be helpful to have a helper hold onto the glass cover for you
while you are working on it.