Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Accessories

A Monte Carlo fan accessory is usually different from a replacement part. It's a part that can be used to "accessorize" the existing fan. For instance, say you'd like to add some light to the room. So, you add an accessory - a Monte Carlo light kit.

Monte Carlo Blade Balancing Kit

A blade balancing kit is also an accessory that you may purchase at some point, for use with your fan. What is a blade balancing kit? It's used to resolve issues related to humming, noises, and etc. Typically, your fan blades could be out of alignment, requiring a blade balancing kit in order to balance out any blades that are warped.

Monte Carlo Flush Mount Canopy Accessory

If you would like to flush mount your Monte Carlo ceiling fan to the ceiling, then you may need some flush mount accessories. Flush mount means to install the ceiling fan flush to the ceiling, so in essence, the fan is mounted directly to the ceiling instead of hanging down.

Similarly, another accessory you could need is a downrod. A downrod is used to increase the height that is in between the ceiling fan and the ceiling.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Remote & Receiver

Another accessory can be a remote control, or a wall remote. It's an accessory for the fan. A wall control may be necessary if a previous one has stopped working, or you'd like a backup method of running the fan in case you happen to lose your remote. Your fan may or may not have a wall remote installed already. If it's been a part of the house for a while, chances are there's probably one on the wall.

Before you replace the remote, be sure to try our remote troubleshooting section for more help and information.

You may need to purchase a receiver instead of a remote, or a new remote and receiver.