Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

Ceiling fan blade arms are useful, when you need to replace a blade on your Monte Carlo ceiling fan. When might you need to replace a blade? When a blade becomes broken. When a blade becomes warped. It's possible that a fan may be in storage for a long time too, and when you take it out of storage, some of the blades have warped.

Reasons that blades can warp include lack of maintenance. We cover maintenance of your Monte Carlo fan on another page.

When you need a ceiling fan blade arm, your Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan is likely not going to turn very well at all. It may even be dangerous, or a hazard to use the fan at that time. You should shut the fan down if you are missing a fan, especially if the fan starts to wobble or looks like it may fall down it is shaking around so much. Having all of the fan blades maintains that important "equilibrium" when the fan is spinning. Too much pull in any particular direction, and the fan will slowly start to wear itself down until it is no longer in good functioning condition.

The blade arm in particular holds the Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan together. Without a proper blade arm holding everything in place, the fan may experience certain pulls in any one direction. The blade arm acts as a second barrier or safety precaution, keeping the blade from popping out of the fan.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Blade Balancing Kit
A useful item in fixing a blade being out of alignment, is a blade balancing kit. It can be difficult to ascertain which blade is the problem - so a blade balancing kit can help to figure that out, and wights will help correct the misaligned blade or blades.

Match up your current fan blades with a finish that matches

If you are looking for replacement blades, make sure that you match up the finish of your current blades with the ones you are purchasing. There is nothing more annoying than buying a set of replacement blades, simply to realize that they don't match up to the blades you currently have on your fan! No one wants to be in that situation.

Pick the right size

Buying replacement fan blades that match the size of your current blades, is of course another requirement. This may sound like a simple thing, but trust us - if you don't purchase the right blades, the fan is not going to operate properly at all! All the blades have to be of the same blade length in order to function correctly.