Monte Carlo Light Kits

Adding on a Monte Carlo light kit is a good idea, when you want to have your fan illuminate an area. Perhaps the room you have installed the fan into is a darker room, or perhaps you are purchasing a light kit with the fan for that same reason. Keep in mind that at different times of the year as well, you will get more sun or less sun into the room. In winter time in many places in the world, there is less sun and the room is darker. Although you may think, "oh, I don't need a fan with a light kit," it's often great to have one. A ceiling fan is exactly in the right spot, being so high up, to illuminate the entire room easily. In this, ceiling fans often serve more than one purpose.

Generally, the light kit can be turned on and off with the remote - if you purchase the light kit with the fan. It's best to buy a fan that comes integrated with a light kit. If you try to add the light kit onto the fan later on, it can be more of a hassle. In this regard, this is why we recommend to purchase a fan that comes with the light kit already pre-installed at the factory.

Adding on a Monte Carlo Light Kit to an Existing Ceiling Fan

If you would like to add a light kit onto a Monte Carlo fan that is already mounted, you will need to ensure you are mounting a compatible light kit. A light kit from Hunter or another manufacturer probably won't work. You need to read up on your fan, do some research and determine what light kits are compatible with your fan. You also need to think of how you will control that light kit. You may need to buy a new remote, or even a new receiver to work with the new remote. Sometimes, remote and receiver kits are available, where both parts come together.

Adding on a light kit certainly is a good idea, again just consider that the light kit you mount is compatible. If you are not sure, read into the description of the light kit to see if the product listing or description talks about which fans the light is compatible with. Another way to verify this, is to refer to the instructions that came with your fan. There may be a parts list of different light kits, that Monte Carlo recommends as a light kit that will interface with your existing ceiling fan.

Monte Carlo Fan Light Kit

Features: Category: fans, Family: light kits, Number of Lights: 3, Bulb Type: B10 Torpedo, Bulb(s) Included: Yes, Style: traditional

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