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Dear Monte Carlo fans, I am trying to change the light bulb on my fan. The problem I am having is that the glass dome is not easily removed. How can I remove the glass dome and change the light bulb underneath?

Answer: Removing the glass globe can be difficult with bare hands, as the globe glass is smooth. If you're having trouble removing the glass globe, try using rubber gloves which will make it easier to grip the glass globe and remove it. Turn the globe clockwise until it pops off. If the glass does not remove easily, you can try an oil like WD40 to make it easier to remove. We highly recommend using gloves in that instance, because the glass will become even more difficult to grip and say it pops off unexpectedly while turning, it will fall down and smash on the floor.

Omni Directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs
Are these cool or what? These are ceramic LED Light Bulbs...colorful!

If you can get a family member or friend to help with this endeavor, it does make it a lot easier. They can hold onto the glass globe while you turn the globe. This way, you don't have to focus on keeping your hands on the globe. Your wife or husband would be a good candidate for this work!

Selecting an Energy Efficient Bulb Replacement

When picking a bulb to replace the existing bulb, be sure to consider the cost of energy and also the possibility of energy savings. Everyone would like to save some money here and there. So it's important to investigate and do some research; we do this all the time with consumer purchases. For example, you may consider LED light bulbs because they are energy efficient. They generally last longer and thus are less expensive to replace in the home. Having to replace them less often is of course appealing, as well.


Greater and more extraordinary than its 52" Clarity accomplice, the Monte Carlo Clarity Max Ceiling Fan influences a striking, 4-to speed enunciation about fit wind stream and smooth fan design. Counting a smooth 3-forefront upheaval and hugger-style present, the Clarity Max Ceiling Fan makes an uncommon fit for low-rooftop inner parts or exterior.

Monte Carlo Clarity Max Ceiling Fan
The Clarity is another collection from Monte Carlo, which is modern and sleek like its cousins.

Its organized LED downlight offers additional luminance in darker circumstances, and is dimmable with the included divider control. The Clarity Max Ceiling Fan fuses a light best with purchase for non-light use.

The Monte Carlo Fan Company unites style, advancement, and setup to offer a varying and broad item advertising.

Monte Carlo 54 Inch Clarity Max Collection Ceiling Fan

Founded in 1996, Monte Carlo Fan company is a generation brands company, a leader and innovator in the lighting, electrical wholesale, home improvement, home d├ęcor, and building industries. Monte Carlo specializes in trend inspired, fashion forward ceiling fans and accessories in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes. Ceiling fans have changed throughout the years, but our commitment to quality and unprecedented customer service has not.
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A great, ultra-current rooftop fan that summons pleasant breeze stream. The Monte Carlo Empire Ceiling Fan uses a prevalent power, whisper-quiet, DC motor for its vital 60", 8-sharp edge appear. The motor hotel itself stays adjacent to the rooftop, while a drive shaft brings the fan and its planned 15W LED downlight advance into a space for a more than satisfactory lighting experience.

Monte Carlo Empire Ceiling Fan
The Empire, with its modern look and sleek appeal, is a great pick when you are going for that modern decor choice.

A finishing top is given if the fan is to be used without the LED downlight. A two-in-one remote (combo hand-held and divider mount) with six speeds, pivot, and a LED light dimmer is joined.

The Monte Carlo Fan Company joins style, development, and design to offer an alternate and thorough offering. The Empire is a modern style of fan, which fits great into today's modern decor setting. If you have a darker rustic feel to a room, the Empire fan will fit in quite nicely. The fan also adds light and warmth to the room that it's installed into.