Monte Carlo Flushmount Ceiling Fans

A Monte Carlo flushmount ceiling fan is a fan that mounts directly to the ceiling. Flushmount - this is the basic term of flushmount. Say you want a light in your home that mounts directly to the ceiling - you could look at a flushmount light, too. Flushmount is common with lighting, but not always as common when it comes to ceiling fans. Here we have a listing of the different Monte Carlo fans which are flushmount. Here are some of the basic models that you may see:

The other term you may sometimes hear as it relates to flush mount is hugger fans. These hugger fans mean the same thing as "flushmount" - they effectively "hug" the ceiling, so they are called hugger fans. The terms are interchangeable, but some still get confused from time to time. Don't worry - it's a common thing. You don't have to worry about being confused though! We're here to help you make your purchasing decision.

Monte Carlo Flushmount Ceiling Fan & Hugger Fan Models:

  • Monte Carlo Discus II
  • Monte Carlo Clarity Hugger Ceiling Fan
  • Monte Carlo Clarity Hugger LED Ceiling Fan