Monte Carlo Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Monte Carlo outdoor ceiling fans consist of a variety of models. This includes fan such as the Maverick collection, colony collection, I have a collection, dust collection, and many more. If a fan is capable of working in outside conditions, then that fan will be UL damp rated. This means that the fan has been extensively tested to work in outside conditions. Unless a fan is UL damp rated, it has not gone through the required testing in order to be labelled an outdoor fan.

Not all ceiling fans are rated as outdoor ceiling fans. Some of the applications when you may utilize an outdoor ceiling fan, is a porch, in the garage, or even in a barn. We are sure there are many other applications, however, there are more and more being thought of every day. Why not let us know how you use your outdoor Monte Carlo ceiling fan? Be sure to leave a review or comment, letting other site visitors know how your outdoor ceiling fan has worked out.

Outdoor ceiling fans can be large, or even giant. For instance, you could consider the 88 inch Maverick super max ceiling fan collection. An 88 inch blade span is quite large. Don't forget the ceiling fans also require dusting from time to time, as a required point of maintenance. Especially with larger fans, if they are dusted from time to time, it is possible that you could experience blade warping over a period of many years of non-maintenance. Be sure to read the instruction manual with the purchase of your new Monte Carlo ceiling fan.