Monte Carlo Minimalist Collection Ceiling Fan

This Minimalist ceiling fan by Monte Carlo is named such, as it outlines what this fan is about. Smooth and current, the lodging and the three cutting edges have delicate, adjusted lines enlivened by a mid-century tasteful while as yet feeling totally contemporary.

Monte Carlo Minimalist Ceiling Fan
Contemporary, yet tasteful. Traditional, yet modern. Simple, yet functional, and appealing. This is the minimalist from Monte Carlo.

A coordinated, 16W LED downlight reinforces its vitality effectiveness with a light yield of 960 net lumens with a CCT of 3000°K and a CRI of 80+. The DC engine gives capable airflow and vitality effectiveness. Will work in damp locations.

This Minimalist Ceiling Fan is simple - and that's what makes it appealing. Sometimes, simple, elegant and functional can be appealing. The term minimalist means that you are happy with your life; you have cut down on the things that don't matter and focused on what's important. That's exactly what the Minimalist from Monte Carlo represents.