Finding support for your Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan is made easier on this website. There are multiple ways to obtain support. Here we dissect all of the methods you can use to obtain support from Monte Carlo.

Phone Support

If you need help via phone you can call. Phone support can be useful when you are looking for a replacement part. Finding a replacement part can be done via phone support, email support, or by looking at the manual that came with the fan. You may also be able to find a parts guide  

Finding Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

The following retailers provide replacement parts for Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans:
Online retailers:
- E-bay
In-store retailers:
- Walmart
- Lowe's

E-mail Support

You can obtain e-mail support by sending an email. Utilizing a phone is not always
an option for everyone. There are more and more people today who do not have a land line,  and sometimes sending a quick email is actually easier. The other thing to consider is not everyone has time to sit on the phone and attempt to reach a support rep. Of course, by the time people are done work, it can also be a challenge to obtain phone support as the line may be closed by that time.

Chat Support

Chat support can be useful. It is not always as useful as obtaining phone support though. However, one advantage of chat support is that someone is active, much like being on the phone. Email support means that if the email you receive does not fix the problem, you need to email support again and ask another question. With chat support, you can keep chatting until all of your questions are answered. Not every company offers chat support; even then it may not always be adequate chat support. However,
Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans does provide chat support.

Forum Support

Sometimes posting a question to an interactive forum can also be useful. This gives the opportunity for other Monte Carlo ceiling fan owners, enthusiasts and people who may have had similar issues before to respond
to your inquiry. A forum can be moderated by people with experience; also there may be home users or enthusiasts that have experienced a similar problem in the past that may be able to help with whatever particular issue you're now experiencing.